“Close the Loop”

Is your accounting department still paying invoices from old carriers because your staff was never informed that you have changed to a new supplier?

Close the loop.  Make sure accounting knows who and who is NOT authorized to bill you for phone and data services.

 Preference helps you recover payments you’ve made to unauthorized vendors.

“Document, document, document”

Keep a written record of every service-related contact with your carrier.  Especially note names and reference numbers.  When possible, conduct your carrier business via e-mail or fax to document the trail.

Detailed records prevent a future dispute devolving into a fruitless finger-pointing match.

Preference management services maintain your records for you.


“Smart Moves”

Are you moving to a new location?  Do you realize that some telecom services you need might not be deliverable to the new facility?  This is true even if you’re staying within the same city.

To avoid a nasty surprise, be sure you know what telecom facilities are available before signing that new lease.

A Preference footprint check before you move can save you headaches down the road.

“Consider the Clouds ”

Features, functions and services that you previously had to buy, own, and maintain can now be accessed in “the cloud” with the click of a mouse. 

 If some of your communications equipment and/or productivity tools are reaching their end of life, maybe it’s time to consider the clouds.

Let’s discuss which cloud services might meet your needs.


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