Our detailed audit can save you money

First we study your telecom bills…

There can be a big difference between what you think you are purchasing from your carriers and what your telecom invoices reveal.   Our audit will give you a completely accurate base-line of how you are spending your telecom budget.

Next we uncover errors, fraud and inefficiencies...

Our audit questionnaire helps us discover what you need to meet your communication objectives, and whether those needs are best met by your existing telecom arrangements.

Finally we put the whole package together for you…

After completing steps 1 and 2, we submit for your approval recommended changes that will eliminate problems and yield savings.  Preference obtains all carrier refunds (if applicable) on your behalf, and manages the change orders until all services are properly in place. 


Your Cost

$0.00: If we uncover no problem areas, there is no charge for invoice analysis.  

50/50 Savings Split:  If our initial analysis uncovers and corrects errors, fraud or inefficiencies, the resulting savings will be split between you and Preference on a 50/50 basis for the first year.

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